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16 November 2012 @ 12:33 pm

Friends only! If you want to be friends with me, or just read about my boring life then send me a message and I may add you. :D We'll just have to see.
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31 January 2007 @ 08:34 am
In 2007, eyeskunfangurl resolves to...
Give some video games to charity.
Cut down on my cosplaying.
Be nicer to juhachi18.
Eat more goth boys.
Ask my boss for a batman.
Find a new underworld.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
05 January 2007 @ 06:27 pm
Well...today I stayed home from school because of a headache. X.x; Sounds stupid I know. But it hurt really really bad. So I went to Fort Wayne with my dad when I started to feel better. I got From Hell with Johnny Depp which I've heard Kat say is really good. ^^ I'm gonna watch it sunday with Erica. So yeah. Our new semester started! Heres my new schedule and whos in those classes:

1 - Computer Apps. - My friend Josh (we're not to good of friends but its still someone to sit by.)

2 - Personal Relations - Courtney (but I can't sit by her) and there are these 2 boys that sit at my table that are pretty funny, so we'll probably be friends.

3 - Study Hall - Theres alot of people in this class and its the only class upstairs. Theres Kevin, Dylan, Zane, Harley, and Brad. And we're allowed to sit anywhere we want! ^^

4 - Careers and Exploaration - OMG I SIT BY A KID I ABSOLUTLY HATE! and this is a required class too. X.X but theres a Corey that I hate in this class too. (No not my friend Corey a different one) but hes actually being really nice to me.

Lunch - My new favorite part of the day! There is Ben, Carrie, Corey, Heather, Richie, Zane, Sam, Liz, and Hannah. Like all of my friends are in this lunch period! ♥
5 - Geometry - Lets see....theres Sam, Hannah, Simon, Trever and Nick. I only really talk to Sam and Hannah though.
6 - Biology - OMG! This will seriously be the best class of the semester! I have Corey, Erica, and Liz. OMG The first day we were in there we could not stop laughing because of all the stupid comments we made. Its gonna be so great! (unless we all get seperated TT_TT)
7 - English - I'm surprised cause this class is like packed full. Theres Kevin ♥, Sam, Trever and Kyle. I guess I'm mostly gonna be talking with Kevin though.

So this semester I got off really easy. My hardest classes are at the end of the day and I finally got a study hall! and now I actually know people in my classes. So lets just hope I can keep my grades up X_X.

Yeah...Thats pretty much all. I got a Japanese Phase book and a Japanese Dictionary!!! There both really cool. Maybe I can actually start learning something lol. I can't make it to Ohayocon....kinda upset about that. But it happens ya know? I'm kinda broke anyways so it works out. BUT I WILL go to Ikasucon! and anyone that wants to go can stay at my house! ♥ cause its only 30 mins away from my house! How awesome is that? and its not until august so I have plenty of time to get the money! Yes....it will all work out perfectly....

I've really felt loved lately. lol. Because of course I didn't go to school today. So when I got home Corey and Zane came to see me! and then Kevvy did! ♥, Then Ben -_-, and then Richie. lol. Yeah their crazy. XD

Hope that everyone is having fun at Ohayocon! ♥ I miss everyone!

♥ Momo
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30 December 2006 @ 01:14 am
Yeah..I'm still in Texas I'll be here till the 2nd. Its really relaxing here. Its good to get away from it all...but....Ohayocon is the real treat!! Like I said to Kat...It's a break from a break. XD The only place that we anime lovers can go and actually feel pretty good and not like we're getting werid looks all the time ^^. I can't wait! I talked to dad about it tonight and he said he'll see what he can do!*squeeeeeeeee* The only problem is I'm kinda broke ;_; But I have enough to get in and thats all that matters!!! YAY!!!! I'm so happy. I got Fruits Basket 15 today...I'm starting to notice that the series is really revoleing around Yuki. o.o; Werid...and I've been looking for a new series to start. So if anyone has any suggestions then I'm open to them ^^. Cause Hanakimi and Fruits Basket are almost over~!!!! :O!!!! their at #15 out of like 21 or 22! Tragic I no.

So....I got one of those mini cameras today....so be expecting some pics soon. I may post some of Gma's house. or of the great weather here ^^. It feels great. Its usually like 60 out with a small wind. Feels so good!!! but today it rained alot. It was still pretty though!!! ♥

Thats all for now...I'm not gonna have a cosplay for Ohayocon ^^;;; Sry everyone. But at least I'll be there. I can't wait!!! Anyone gonna go to Ikasucon? Cause Corey wants to go for his birthday. So start planning now ♥

♥Aisheteru, Minnasan!!!!!♥

Can't wait to see the most of you @ Ohayocon!

(Sry Holly and Emma)
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18 October 2006 @ 10:16 am
I'm at school workin gon my Speech about Stereotypes and how I want to convince people to not stertype people. I need help though. I can't find any statistics for stereotypes. So if anyone has any ideas or sites that can help me then it would be greatly apprecitated! Have a nice day!

<3 Marlee
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